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  • Magic Multi Chrome Neon Set (pre order)

Magic Multi Chrome Neon Set (pre order)

Magic Multi Chrome Neon Set (pre order)

£98.99 £109.98



Hidden Cosmetics unique Magic (multi duo chrome) pigments change colours when you move in different angles these pigments can be used on your face body and nails.

Full Set  includes all SIX Magic Multi Chrome pigments in the shades : 

🔸 Drag me to narnia shifts from blue to green  

🔸Lucky Pebble shifts from Pink to Purple, Orange to gold

🔸 Secert Garden shifts from Green to yellow 

🔸 Poisoned Grape shifts from Turquise to Green, purple to blue

🔸 Dragons Egg shifts from Green to yellow and pink 

🔸KARMA Shifts from Gold to Burnt Red


All you need is a tiny amount as these pigments are extremely pigmented and rich.

Apply Primer as base before you apply our Magic Multi Chrome Pigments. 

Magic pigments are up for Pre’Orders only.

 Arrive in a 5g jar with 1g product.

Ingredients: Mica, Iron oxide, Magnesium Sericite ,Silicon Dioxide. Vegan and Cruelty Free.



If you’ve placed your order for our Magic Pigments please remember they will be shipped out on the date shown if you’ve purchased other products including our Magic Pigments from our website they will be shipped together on the date shown as pre orders.

Pre orders can take 1-3 months to be shipped. 



Hidden Cosmetics Neon Pigments will brighten up any gloomy day.

We have a total of nine neon pigments!

Neon pigment - Blue

Neon pigment - Yellow

Neon pigment - Bright Red

Neon pigment - Orange Red

Neon pigment - Orange Yellow

Neon pigment - Orange

Neon pigment - Green

Neon pigment - purple Red

Neon pigment - purple

Ingrediants: titanium dioxide , Melamine formaldehyde resin, Solvent yellow , Copper phthalocyanine , Basic violet , Basic red .

 All Neon Pigments are packed in our 10g Jars with 2.5g of product 🤩

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