Do You Ship Worldwide?
We are happy to say that we do ship worldwide!

How Do I Place An Order?
To place an order, click on the product that you wish to purchase and click 'Add to Cart', the product will then appear in your cart in the top right hand corner. If you are using the mobile site, your cart will appear in the top centre of your screen. Once you select all the items you want, you are then taken to the checkout page where you are able to edit your basket and also leave special instructions for us to make life a little easier for you! Once you're ready, go-ahead and click checkout. You will be asked to create an account with us! (this will help you with future purchases as it will show your past orders and make for an easier checkout! Once this completed it will them ask you to fill in your shipping and billing information! (please make sure all shipping information is correct before your finalising your purchase). Once this is complete, you can now checkout and an email confirming your order will be sent to your email.

When Will I Receive My Order?
When a purchase has been made, your order will be made over a period of 14 days. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page for all detailed Information and COVID-19 UPDATES.

Can I Add Or Remove Product On An Order I Have Placed?
Once an order has been finalised, it can not be amended. If you would like another item, you will need to place a new order. 

Can You Change The Address You Are Posting To?
If you accidentally gave wrong information regarding your shipping, this can be changed but you must provide your full address with both your name and your country within 24 hours.

Are Your Products Hand Made?
Yes, all our items are handmade with an extra ingredient called LOVE!. All products are made to order which is why we have a lengthy shipping period! This is something we are proud of as we put our hard work into making this orders special for you, we are perfectionist and and like to add that extra touch for each of your packages.

My Product Looks Different To The Photos Online!
One Word.. Multi-chrome! Each of our multi-chrome pigments look different in all lighting but just as beautiful! 

Are You Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free?
Is there any other way? We love our furry friends and we love our planet! This was a very important part when we started this business and we are proud to say it will always be this way. We are PETA Certified and can confirm that none of our products in contain any animal derived ingredients or animal by-products.All our products and ingredients have not been tested on animals. 

My Loose Eyeshadow Seems Half Full?
All our loose pigment jars come in a diamond shaped 3gram jar. Depending on which loose pigment you purchased, each one has different weight to it (this is all shown in the product description of each item) this is why all prices vary between them. However, please do not worry as all our products are weighed to the right amount as it should be. 

When Will My Pre-Order Be Sent Out?
All Pre-Order items will have a specific date in the description part of the product which is the day that it will start shipping out.


Do I Need To Have A Patch Test?

As with any new products you are not familiar with, conducting a patch test is important to ensure that the product you have purchased is suitable for your skin, this is recommended especially for people with sensitive skin. Some of our products contain ingredients that can be sensitive to skin. 

All ingredients, instruction of use regarding products on are in the product description.  If you have any concerns regarding the safety of certain ingredients, please contact your doctor or us directly for further information. All updates on future events are posted on our social sites: