NEW | Brown Shadow Silicone Practice Set (Pre Order)

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Our NEW Shadow Silicone Canvas is brilliant for beginners that want to start makeup and also professionals who want to create unique looks without having to look for models to practice on.

This isn’t like any ordinary Silicone Manicure, our Shadow Silicone Canvas has the human touch that imitates human skin. So your eyeshadow will blend easily just like applying eyeshadow on your own eyelids.

This gorgeous set includes our NEW Shadow Silicone Canvas , our Silicone Liner Brush, Pigment Mixing Drops💧 and our three most popular pigments in the shades:

Magic Multi Chrome pigment - Poisoned Grape

Crystal Pigment - Bubble Gum

Holographic Pigment - 1982💿

Please see original post for our pigment mixing drops and pigments for ingredients.